Welcome to Micro-Matic Research !

Originally an editor and manufacturer of communications solutions between microcomputers and mainframes, Micro-Matic Research offers solid skills in the world of large business servers,30+ years of host access expertise, global presence in high profile companies and governments, and up-to-date technology.

Since 1982, we have played a pioneering role in the first pc-to-host communication, the first multi-protocol communication, the first ISO-to-TCP/IP gateway and the first Ethernet and FDDI gateway.

Complete Range of Services

Micro-Matic Research offers a comprehensive range of services designed to fit a product life cycle. Our products are increasingly sophisticated and designed to work within progressively complex environments.

With this development trend in mind, we provide an all-in-one service, based entirely on Internet technology and electronic mail, providing you with continuous technical support for all its products.


Our Services

The 'Members' part of our website is available for MMR customers having subscribed a Maintenance Contract. This includes 24/7 access to technical documentation, new software versions, the latest patches, manuals, FAQ's, release notes, and much more.
We provide just-in-time personalized training workshops. Each course consists of hands-on sessions and are tailored to cover the attendees' needs. Contact us to discuss how we might be able to help you with your training needs.
Together with your system administrator, the MMR consultant will assist you in the installation and configuration of your VTD/8 Tori servers or VTD/Amaril emulator software, to make sure that the integration with your existing systems is seamless. Contact us for more information.
All contracted customers are provided with access to the telephone help-line technical support center and to priority technical support via e-mail.