Nuclear energy : Undervalued ?

Should we re-evaluate the possibilities of nuclear power to help us towards energy security, affordable price and minimal environmental impact ?

The public is asking to be better informed about nuclear energy.

In the past, the nuclear sector didn't communicate much and today they don't get a honest chance in the media.

"Information to the public is key to understand nuclear energy."

Micro-Matic Research is an independent private company, which started as a pioneer in datacommunication.

We would like to share our vision on nuclear energy. The goal of the presentation is to help you position lots of, sometimes contradictory, information in the big picture. And to get a balanced opinion on nuclear energy. A lot of important information is not always communicated in the media.

Our research covers all significant elements related to nuclear energy : facts, social and emotional aspects and the future. All these are weighed against the other energy technologies. The presentation also includes a view on the "Belgian Energiewende" as seen by an independent observer.

The event consists of a 60 minutes presentation : a well-structured story, in a clear language for non-professionals.

Target groups are : the general public, the educational community, governments and policy makers, and the sector itself.

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